babybabybaby why do you treat me this way?

my Fatbabies tried to kill me.

After  my slip on the ice last week I knew that I had to get some better footwear, something with some treads forgodssakes.  What better place than to start with the blogs? who knows more about footwear than knitbloggers?

I remember Vicki talking about her Merrells, and I know plenty of other Merrell fans.  Also Merrells have the slip on models which are crucial since apparently I am too damn lazy to actually bend over and tie shoelaces.

This is how I come to be on the Zappos website adding Merrells to my shopping cart.  “hmmm, only one thing?  I came all this way to only buy one thing?  What were those cute boots that Carol blogged about not too long ago, crybabies?  They really don’t look like winter boots per se, but Carol is from New England and they are boots, so they must be good.”  A quick search of Carol’s site, not crybabies, Fatbabies.  I have to buy them for the name alone.

Well everyone knows that Zappos is fantastic and my order is here practically the minute I give them my credit card info.  The Merrells are divine – so warm and comfy!  And the Fatbabies are gorgeous – adorable really, in the way of  fat babies everywhere.  The right one is a little snug.  My right foot is slightly bigger than my left and with some wear they should stretch out.  And so begins the process of me stretching them out.  I figure short bursts of daily wearing and they will be good to go in no time.

Which is how we get to the part where my Fatbabies tried to kill me.  I am driving along and wearing my Fatbabies.  I am about an hour into wearing them and I am looking forward to getting them off my feet since they are becoming uncomfortable.  I come to a stop light and I stop.  My good friend is with me and we are chatting away when all of a sudden we hear a revving.  An engine revving.  what the hell?  It is pretty loud and I look around to see what jackass is revving their engine here in the suburbs in the middle of the day.

It’s me.

My fatbaby clad foot on the brake is slightly numb.  Added to that is the general clunky-ness of the design.  I believe that I somehow managed to have my foot on both the brake and the gas simultaneously!  good grief.

I am going to give them another outing today, rest assured I will be a passenger this time.

4 thoughts on “babybabybaby why do you treat me this way?

  1. Hahaha, I can just see the look on your face as you’re trying to locate that revver!

    I think want those boots someday, too, but I will most certainly call them crybabies. Heh.

  2. at the risk of ridicule from your bloggers, i will venture to say why don’t you buy yourself a pair of real shoes- fitted with shoelaces ? you know our mom’s were right years ago when they put us in buster browns. …shoes that you can feel on your feet. just a thought ;-)

  3. The total irony being I just got my Fatbaby boots yesterday afterseeing Carole’s and the right boot is tighter than the left one. I wore them around the house yesterday and wound up tripping myself three or four time for the same reason – my right foot was numb. I posted my copy cat pictures today!

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