I was adding projects to Ravelry and realized my Thermis never made it to the blog! Here is a not so great pic of the project — and as per my usual, it is not quite done. I still need to stitch on the buttons! This is a great pattern for a very stylish neck warmer. I used some leftover stash yarn, which always leaves me with a smug feeling of self satisfaction.

We leave tomorrow to attend Daughter #1’s college graduation.  I simply cannot believe it.  When did all this happen?  What have I been doing?  Wasn’t it just weeks ago that I posted this picture of her freshmen dorm?

college 004~sniff~

6 thoughts on “thermis!

  1. It’s crazy, isn’t it, this speeding up of time?!

    Next thing you know, it’ll be D#2’s turn and Meli’s high school graduation. (Can’t quite make the leap to Meli + college yet!)

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