My money's on the Tasmanian devil

based on extensive cartoon viewing, I believe the Tasmanian devil to be the more ruthless of the two.

I supposed an explanation is in order ……. I have been spending most of my online time over on Facebook (along with the rest of the blogging world). Mostly I am taking idiotic quizzes and playing their version of Scrabble. So that explains where I have been – now what about the wolverine vs Tasmanian devil? Last week’s NY Times had an article about about a site called Plinky. From what I can tell it gives you prompts with questions and I discovered that I can link not only my Facebook account to it, but also the blog! Even if you really don’t care what I think about the outcome of the Wolverine/Tasmanian grudgematch, at least you will know I haven’t fallen completely off the edge of the internet!

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