6 thoughts on “the dogs have spoken

  1. I too was disappointed to hear that Michael Vick was to become a Philadelphia Eagle. Murphy, Bear and Daisy will be routing for the Steelers this year.

  2. your brother and i are not happy that michael vick signed with the eagles. i just don’t understand how this person has been able to just move right back into pro football.. yes he deserves a second chance to be a productive member of society but giving him a pro football contract just seems to be a reward to me. boo to the eagles

  3. Well, considering I thought the slimebucket was a BASEBALL guy clearly I know little of the sport(s), but I do know that being a vile and notorious figure never stands in the way of success in our society.

  4. Yep – we are teamless this year – after 30 years of bearing with the Eagles….and all because of the NFL and the Eagles being touched in the ethics and morals dept….

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