why is it that I live on an island for christsakes and I only just this weekend managed to wiggle my toes in the sand?

shame on me.

so, in no particular order …..

  • wish Cara luck, today is moving day!
  • I will be staging a knitting camp re-enactment tomorrow night. Laralauralara is coming to visit!  Ricky and Kathleen will be making their way over to say hello — bring on the goblets of milk!
  • more shame, I have not been knitting.
  • I just received a google voice phone number and am really not sure of the implications. I suspect it is all very exciting. I have spent part of today reading up on it and I think the next step is to actually tell people I have a new number. But even thinking about that just makes me tired.
  • both daughters are back at school — D#1 for grad school and D#2 for her sophomore year. This has meant the advent of the house is empty let’s clean it cleaning. And cereal for dinner.
  • we are all wilting in the heat and humidity and wish fall would start already.

3 thoughts on “

  1. Hi Ann,
    I love the curlicure knitted blanket you made– tried my best to get hold of the patern with no joy.
    I live in South Africa and this patern is not for sale in our stores. Can you please hepl me to cet hold of this patern . As I gater you stay on an Island — how wonerfull-
    Another e-mail adres klerckme@tut.ac.za Please let me know if you can help me !!!!
    Enjoy your knitting !!!
    Lovies Myrna.

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