New and Improved Rhinebeck Post, now with no whining!

First off, I would like to thank you all for putting up with me.

And now as promised, a Rhinebeck recap …… before the Great Whine, I believe I had left you all in suspense about D#2.

Well, she did manage to get to the fair – although she slept through that painfully early wake up call, she got there around 10. Some of the highlights ….. she fell in love with this little angora goat who seemed to return the sentiment. We had a lovely time cruising through the barns, enjoyed an early morning chicken pot pie and picked up some Brooks Farm Riata for her next knitting project.  She seemed  impressed with the whole fiber festival vibe and is now eager to finish a project she has on the needles so she can start on that Brooks Farm – a true knitter!

Here is a mosaic of the shopping bag …..

The two middle pictures are of the Jennie the Potter mug and the Riata – all the rest of the yarns were bought at Creatively Dyed, two skeins of laceweight and two of sock.  I can’t wait to dig into those!

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