Rhinebeck. The morning after.

God. I feel like I’ve been up all night having some grueling emotional conversation with a boyfriend. You know, that emotional hangover feeling?

After discussing this over and over with various patient friends I will put it out there for my bloggy, spinning friends and then I will try to put this out of my head.

The original Rhinebeck Saturday morning plan was to drive a little past the fairgrounds, pick up D#2 at Bard (she is a sophomore) and then go to the festival. D#2 is a new knitter, it was parents’ weekend – a perfect thing to do! Pick up time was planned for 8:30 and D#2 asked for a wake up call beforehand.

What do you think the success rate of getting a college student out of bed on a Saturday morning is? I called and called and it went to voicemail. Then I tried a wake up text message. Then I decided she was an orphan. Actually what I really decided was that she would call when she got up and she could get herself to the festival.

All of this put me at the fairgrounds much earlier than ever before. Early enough to be first online to get the elusive Norm Hall wheel.

I need to say that I have spun on a Norm Hall twice before and I really didn’t like it. The wheel is gorgeous – truly a piece of art. But the alignment of the double treadle and the offset orifice on the Saxony makes me twist at the waist in a way that I don’t twist anymore. The woman who was there helping Norm said that the long draw is the way to go on this wheel. I know how to do the long draw and have done it, but it is not my usual method – I fall somewhere between the woolen and worsted method.

OH MY GOD – I am making myself nuts even writing this blog post. This is a long way of saying that I turned down a Norm Hall wheel because I haven’t liked it, still don’t like it but everyone else likes it so much that I am wondering what in the hell am I missing??!! I recognize that it is beautifully made, but I find the actual spinning uncomfortable.  I keep going over and over in my head – what am I not getting??

What have I done????? Have I made a terrible mistake??????

ps. adorable owl mug from Jennie the Potter.

pps.  I promise another ‘New and Improved Rhinebeck Post, now with no more whining!’ sometime this week.

10 thoughts on “Rhinebeck. The morning after.

  1. Looking forward to the New & Improved (Happy?) Rhinebeck post!

    I always thought I wanted an old VW Beetle — they were so cool and all the cool kids drove ’em — until I drove one myself and OMG, never ever ever. To sit and look at? Sure. To drive? No friggin’ way.

    That’s all to say that I think you made the right decision for you.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with not liking something that other people like. I spun on Kim’s when she bought it and I loved it. So what I think you should have done is bought it for ME. Great to see you the other night!

  3. I LOVED everything Jennie the Potter had, and love the mug you chose! I am so very unqualified to remark on the wheel, but it was super nice to see you. Even if only for a moment.

  4. You did the right thing. If you’d purchased the wheel and it was sitting in front of you right now, you’d be unhappy you’d spent the money. Looking forward to more Rhinebeck.

  5. i unforch can’t commiserate on the spinning dilemma but it was SO awesome to see you on Saturday!!!! I hope you got lots of great yarn and I do look forward to your Happier Rheinbeck post haha :-)

  6. I for one am glad to hear you did not buy yet another wheel – good self control, girlfriend. Which is more than I can say for me – I bought yet another pair of boots in Chicago within the first hour of my arrival!

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