I have been knitting — in fact I have a few finished projects and two just-about-finished projects! Here is one of the finished to share — it is the slouched tuva hat knit with my very own handspun! and a link for all you ravelers! I think I will add an increase after the ribbing on the next one I knit for an even slouchier effect.

D#1 called this morning with some terrible news —- a huge fire in town, luckily no one was hurt and it was not her apartment, but two of her friends are displaced. : (

6 thoughts on “knitting!

  1. nice hat but i REALLLLLLLLY love the golf club covers and your brother will too! i can’t wait to see his face when he receives them . they are wonderful ann

  2. So cool that you knit the hat with your own handspun! It’s lovely. The golf club covers look great, too. I’m glad D#1 is & her friends are okay — it’s kind of scary, even with it not being her home.

    It’s so nice to see your own personal resurgence in bloghood!

  3. Annie love the handspun hat, the colors are so beautiful. and the golf clubs so funny, well done, and useful. Guys gonna appreciate your efforts. Great to see you yesterday looking forward to this a.m. yoga.

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