pom pom fever

I feel a pom-pom phase coming on. The last time I went through a pom-pom phase, I think I was 11.

Take yourself back to the early seventies, to a Philadelphia suburbs. You are a cool kid. or at least you are trying to be. It is Friday night. Where are you?

At the local ice skating rink!

What are you wearing?

well, who the hell can remember that? But I will tell you, there were pom poms on my ice skates!

And I do believe as soon as the ice skating thing went, so did my pom pom fever. Until now.

I just finished a Christmas project that you can see here. (if you aren’t on Ravelry – look to the right of the blog page for a link to my flickr account.)

Are you noticing the fantastic pom poms? they are perfect, right?! I got this pom pom making gadget at Granny’s and it is far superior to either making one yourself out of index cards or those flat plastic discs with the holes in the center. These pom poms do not require measuring the yarn out ahead of time or any kind of stress when tying them off and they come out fat and perfect every time!

It’s addictive —- I am looking around wondering what else could do with a bit of pom pom …….

8 thoughts on “pom pom fever

  1. i love pom pom’s too. what to do with pom poms? glad you asked…………………….. put a pair on mittens or gloves ( i actually have a pair of gloves with fur pom poms – i said i love pom poms). put them on the end of the strings on a hoodie sweater; put one on top of a hat, put them on each end of a scarf,shall i go on? ;-)

  2. How about Norah Gaughan’s “Jonna” scarf, with pom poms instead of knitted balls? And how about a pom pom holiday garland (was that in Handknit Holidays or in Knits?)? How about making pink ones & sticking little noses & curly tails to make pigs?

  3. Pom Poms scream luggage id for me!! I make some really wild ones and attach. Easy identification at the baggage carousel. All bags look the same but not MINE!

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