thanks guys! I knew I wasn’t the only pom pom fan out there. I was going to reply individually to the comments, but wordpress is doing a funny thing when I hit the reply button. Instead of automatically putting in the commenter’s email address it comes up donotreply@wordpress. Any other wordpress users with words of wisdom?

Today is knit day at Kathleen’s — I think she is making halibut cheeks for lunch. ;) I hope to put the finishing rows on another sweater.

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  1. I had to retire my Sow’s Ear mug today and thought of you. Enjoy knit day, say hi to Kathleen and Ricki, too, if she is there. Angie, Anne and I had a camp re-enactment in Sept. Only Anne was on to a new project!

  2. Gah! Don’t even talk to me about replying to comments… maybe WordPress is taking a page from Typepad’s playbook.

    Halibut cheeks! I had monkfish for the first time on Saturday night (it’s an ugly fish, but tastes good!).

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