Darlings, are you wondering ‘ Did Ann go back for more P(ain)T(orture)? Is Mr. Clean still sexy in that intimidating, I will fix your shoulder kind of way?’

Yes and Yes!

I have three more sessions of PT, which does seem to be helping. I still have limited range of motion but it’s better than what it was and my arm feels somehow less fragile. I have been surprisingly good about doing the exercises prescribed, so gold star for me. The orthopedist said he would extend the prescription so perhaps there will more PT to come.  It’s all still painful with the maneuvering and manipulating, but knitting chit chat continues to distract and I have also found out that he cooks!  good grief, it’s enough already!

In the meanwhile – I have been to TNNA and back! Kathleen and I had a fantastic time and bought lots of new yarns and goodies for the shop! We also had tons of laughs hanging with Jessica and catching up with Margaux.  As a matter of fact, since I am a lazy ass,  check out  Margaux’s a TNNA recap post from June 13 and pretend I wrote it.  She sums it up so beautifully and nicely!

On the homefront, I have been obsessed with The Killing,  and am channeling my inner Linden.  For instance, a small tragedy occurred in my yard last week – a senseless killing.

Here is the evidence ….


Here are the facts & questions:

  • how did this get to that spot with no branches overhead?
  • the egg was cracked but still had all the insides in place … ewww.
  • if some nefarious creature stole it, why didn’t they eat it?
  • what the hell is going on in my yard when I am not looking?
  • it’s not the pugs – they are too short, half blind and unmotivated
  • it’s not the not-a-pug – she is too old, half lame and unmotivated
  • it’s not the cat — although evil, he is lazy and doesn’t venture from the deck.

another question that has already been answered

  • am I going to have to clean this up?
  • luckily a pounding rainstorm came along and cleansed us all

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