My Broken Wing


About 14 weeks ago I hurt my shoulder. In typical fashion, I dug in and waited for it to get better despite all evidence pointing towards it in fact getting worse. Any time I would jar it, even slightly, there would be shooting pain and getting myself dressed was becoming more and more challenging. Finally an episode of public sobbing took place and an appointment was made.

Fast forward to now – I have been to the Dr. and am now on a course of anti-inflammatory medication and sessions with a Psychical Therapist. The fist of which I had yesterday.

The PT started out with me all nice and easy,  simple exercises with instructions of  ‘don’t power through pain, just work up to it’ ‘take it slow’ and ‘this isn’t childbirth’.  It ended kind of like childbirth.  Searing pain as he contorted my arm into many painful positions using his own self as a lever.   Twice.  All the while asking me about the yarn shop and using the word skein in a sentence. Which I know was meant to distract me and I have to admit that it did.    Now it is all ice and more exercise until the next go round.

Did I mention that this man looks like Mr. Clean? With that intimidating bald thing going on?

Well, today my shoulder does feel a bit better, as though perhaps something got snapped back into place. I have done this morning’s exercises and iced it. I should say that the PT is the same guy who saved Boar from back surgery a few years ago, so I trust him and have every hope that I will live to be able to put on my own damn bra in the future.

my next session is tomorrow …… pray for me!


by the way – that picture is indeed a slug. An adorable non-slimy glass slug that I bought at the Corning Glass Museum.

11 thoughts on “My Broken Wing

  1. Haha, I can’t help but think “purling slug.”

    Sorry about your shoulder, but glad that things are on track to getting better. It’s amazing how much PT can help!

  2. Ouch! Sorry about the shoulder — glad it’s feeling a little better after the PT session with Mr.Clean! When I hurt my knee, my PT used to kid about how it was really Pain and Torture. :)

  3. Ohhhhh! I hope your wing feels better soon! Rawrrrr! Mr. Clean sounds yummy. I like me some baldness! And as much as I dislike slugs, yours is quite pretty.

    PS: MY ANKLE IS BACK (and guess what I have now). So you see…I know what’s going on. I just have to learn how to keep my mouth shut about it.

  4. ouch! so what was the diagnosis? I had such bad shoulder pain before my surgery that I once got stuck in a dress I was trying on and had to wait for 1/2 hour for someone in Lord and Taylor to come into the dressing room to help me out of it. Help me, I’m stuck and I can’t get out! LOL but not at the time. So, no shopping for you my Annie~! Hope it’s a smooth recovery.

  5. you will be feeling better so. on. and physical therapy is preferred to surgery. but yes i know it hurts …pt does but you can do it!!!
    by the way, i love my slug too. o!h and on ebay ( where else ) i found what looks like really nice glass cherries. just do a search for glass cherries on ebay and you should see them too. a set of 6 costs $15 . a far cry from what corning was charging. i haven’t bought them yet but i may

  6. I’m so glad you are having your broken wing attended to. Soon you will be dancing around the store again. Feel better and I hope to see you in full action the next time in the store. Don’t worry you have a couple of weeks until I’m able to stop by again.

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