It’s sad isnt’ it?  I’ve been a finishing machine, but not a blogging one!  And on top of FO’s, I’ve got NEWS!!

News first??  The biggest, bestest news –  D#1 got a JOB.  That’s right – she graduated from grad school in May, worked all through the summer while interviewing and was getting a bit freaked by the harsh job market.  She had gotten herself set up with a waitressing/bartending job when one of her interviews called with an offer!  Anyway, this week was her first week as a professional – she even has a desk plaque!  She has been conferring with JOHNFALCONE over which health care plan to choose etc.  Another great thing about her job??  It entails a good bit of traveling and that will have her in this area for extended periods of time!

Other good news in no particular order

  • we had very little damage either to our house or the shop from Hurricane Irene – just one tree down which was in the furthest spot in our yard at that.
  • my broken wing is feeling a bit better – Mr. Clean was great, but I have been doing this modified yoga move.  No where near as sexy, but I do believe it is helping even more.
  • back to the shop — it is fantastic and doing really well!  Lots of great yarns coming in and of course the customers are the best!
  • I have discovered a terrible wonderful thing  – Jezebel’s Worth It column.  I have been buying just about everything they said – and am going broke while agreeing that everything is as great as they say!
So here is another finished knit — I started this a YEAR AND A HALF ago and had just about turned my back on it.  One of the aforementioned wonderful customers convinced me to get back to it.  My photo shoot didn’t turn out as great as I had hoped, once the weather turns, maybe I’ll get a model shot ……
click here for Ravelry details!

Bountiful Bohus

click here for Ravelry details!

sleeve detail

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  1. Mazel tov re: #1 Daughter’s job news. Glad your arm is better, gladder still that Irene didn’t pulverize you. See you soon, i hope. xo

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