a midlife chuckle

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hide and seek

This picture was taken standing in the foyer looking into the bedroom hallway of the house.

What I want to show you is the piece hanging there above the bookcase. I don’t even know what to call it. Maybe wooden scary thing?

I bought it years ago at a local art show – the two figures in it are balanced and when nudged, they rock back and forth. It actually took a wee bit of timing to get them both popping their heads out at the same time for the picture below.

I was supposed to be doing some Christmas shopping when I saw it.  I fell in love  instantly and broke my piggy bank to buy it.  I also called Mr. Boar and brokered a deal where it was a Christmas/birthday combo present.

I like to hear what other people have to say about wooden scary thing – most don’t like it at all (it’s too dark, it’s too creepy, it’s too big) or if they do, they don’t feel as passionately about it as I do – except one.  And I’m sure you can guess who it is!

whaddya think this means?

The other day, Vicki and I were talking about gardening and I mentioned that years ago I planted a rhubarb. It is something of an heirloom plant – my grandmother always had rhubarb in her yard and would make pies, ice cream topping sauce and some kind of tart/sweet side dish (on the order of applesauce). It is also perennial so even though I really don’t harvest it, it comes back every spring and I get not only all the happy memories, but also the notion that I am a gardener. Although I threw in that trowel years ago.

So it turns out that Vicki shares a similar rhubarb sentiment and I offered to split some off and send it to her. Well, this is what I saw. I really don’t remember this happening in years past, but with the way my mind is these days, who the hell knows?

My rhubarb flowered!

Just when a girl sort of gets her blogging mojo back, the powers that be eat her post.  sigh.

so here is the shortened version:


  • I am working on socks
  • the yarn is lovely and the pattern is very nice
  • I can’t stand knitting them but I won’t rip them out because
  • the yarn is lovely and the pattern is very nice
  • I also won’t cast on for another project because there are simply too many unfinished knits around here.
  • a rock and a hard place.


  • spring is here and that means house projects!
  • reflooring the deck – ripping up all the old boards and replacing with lovely composite wood decking material.
  • draining the pool for upcoming sandblasting/repainting

I have been playing around with my camera and you will see that I have very little idea of how to use the video function, but you can definitely get the flavor of how projects go around here.  Look for Lu at the end of the second video!

Elisa Tote

pattern: Elisa Tote

yarn: Katia Linen

Today is shaping up to be busy busy. First off, Cara & Meli are possibly coming out to visit!! And I know she’s on the breast etc. but I feel like I should go grocery shopping. I mean, Cara has to eat, right?

Secondly, I definitely have to clean. Vacuum at the very least.

Thirdly, Gardener’s Supply has just delivered the asparagus crowns I ordered. I am feeling somewhat garden-y this year and decided to take the plunge and do some double digging ( I suppose I should figure out what the hell that means) It is a glorious day in a week full of rain and I will be working tomorrow. I really need to get those in the ground – today. Which means this morning!

ciao babies!