On Monday I overcame a personal knitting challenge. I installed a zipper on the Boar’s Saranac sweater! Many thanks to my zipper mentor Peggy for her expert guidance. I even took pictures to document the event and to possibly do a little tutorial.

Well, it turns out I need a camera tutorial. I got a bit overzealous with the delete key and poof, they’re gone!

As a consolation you get more pug videos. Let me first say however, that I did not realize I would not be able to rotate the picture and so much of the video is sideways and also I DO NOT sound like that. gah! If I could figure out how to mute that damn voice, I would.

okay, so now I don’t know if this video is going to work. yes, it is one of those days.

Just when a girl sort of gets her blogging mojo back, the powers that be eat her post.  sigh.

so here is the shortened version:


  • I am working on socks
  • the yarn is lovely and the pattern is very nice
  • I can’t stand knitting them but I won’t rip them out because
  • the yarn is lovely and the pattern is very nice
  • I also won’t cast on for another project because there are simply too many unfinished knits around here.
  • a rock and a hard place.


  • spring is here and that means house projects!
  • reflooring the deck – ripping up all the old boards and replacing with lovely composite wood decking material.
  • draining the pool for upcoming sandblasting/repainting

I have been playing around with my camera and you will see that I have very little idea of how to use the video function, but you can definitely get the flavor of how projects go around here.  Look for Lu at the end of the second video!

so here’s the problem ….

I’ve really got nothing to say. I have knitting to share, but none that I am ready to take a picture of. For some reason, progress pictures are not calling to me and neither of my projects are completely finished. So what does that leave?

A pictureless post? That only works if you have a great story to tell. I’ve got nothing exciting enough to string more than a couple sentences together.

A-ha! Maybe something in the garden will jump start my brain. There is lots going on out there — although there is lots that needs to be done out there too.

The only thing my camera will focus on is these little beauties!

garden gnome

an orthodontist’s dream!

This is what happens when a pug lover takes pictures. Next time I want some flower pictures I better leave the pugs inside.

And when it comes right down to it, you’ve seen one bleeding-heart, you’ve seen them all. Pugs on the other hand are full of nuance! ; )

Under the title Upcoming Excitement, I am setting off on two mini road trips. This evening, I am heading towards Lancaster County. My girlfriend volunteered to take her daughter and daughter’s friend to some all day concert that is going on in the area. She invited me along to go shopping/sightseeing while the girls are rocking out. This particular friend is well known for lots of laughs, truly side splitting fun and all around kooky-ness. We are hitting the road tonight (trying to avoid Staten Island traffic) and will be returning sometime on Friday. Saturday I am back on the road taking D#2 to another accepted students’ event, this time at Bard. This is the final one and then she has to make up her mind. I will be very happy to have this settled.

the photo shoot

A zipper is on its way and Saranac will soon be complete. While I am waiting, I have cast on for a sock.

It is the Hedera sock pattern and I am using Fearless Fingers yarn. The very generous Rachel sent me this yarn a while ago and it has been waiting for the perfect project.

The biggest challenge? Trying to take a picture and convincing Mr. Poe that it is sock-picture-taking-time and not throw-the-spit-covered-ball time!