the photo shoot

A zipper is on its way and Saranac will soon be complete. While I am waiting, I have cast on for a sock.

It is the Hedera sock pattern and I am using Fearless Fingers yarn. The very generous Rachel sent me this yarn a while ago and it has been waiting for the perfect project.

The biggest challenge? Trying to take a picture and convincing Mr. Poe that it is sock-picture-taking-time and not throw-the-spit-covered-ball time!

good dogs?

Go here to see all the different things my dogs won’t do.

Be sure to end with ‘kisses’!

Are you wondering why there has been no knitting content lately? I have been knitting – but it’s one of those projects where progress pictures seem silly and boring. I am knitting up Saranac for Mr. Boar. As a matter of fact, I am almost done – I have only to kitchner the underarms and sew in the zipper, a quick blocking and I promise some pictures.

D#1 was home for the weekend to attend a close family friend’s wedding on Saturday. She normally drives back and forth to school, but for a quick trip like this long hours behind the wheel aren’t worth it. Well, she got caught in that airtravel fiasco on Friday and for a moment or two there it was looking like she wouldn’t make it home at all! After a seven hour delay her flight did take off. It was a whirlwind of a weekend and we had a great time. Luckily her trip back went smoothly!

[thanks to Pam for the cute puppy!]


A number of weeks ago I was on the phone with Cara. Who knows what we were talking about (probably the beauty of my pugs), but suddenly I said, “Does Vicki have a dog? I think she does. I always forget about that dog.” and then we talked about Vicki some more. ; )

Well, yesterday the three of us were on the phone and I hear Vicki whispering in the background and asking the dog if it needed to go out. I confessed how I can never remember if she’s even got a dog (she said she cant’ either!) etc. and I told her I was going to start a blog ring and possibly a Ravelry group – Does Vicki Have a Dog?

In the interests of fairness, here is a peek at a member of my household that gets little to no blog coverage.

Nick the Cat. He’s evil.

it’s like a York Peppermint Patty between your toes!

I was playing with my new camera and caught this pile of nappers.

When I last left you, congestion was the name of my game. I know you know the feeling, stuffy head, eyes feeling a bit bulgy, an odd awareness of your inner ear. ugh!!

So there I am on Friday night in a snot induced fog, getting ready for bed. It’s early too, but the struggle for coherence has become too great and sleep is the only thing to do. The thought pops into my head that some Vicks Vapor Rub might be a very good idea. I love that stuff! I love everything about it – the smell, the glass jar, that great blue color – it’s a real nostalgia thing. As I am dabbing it under my nose, I seem to remember reading something about slathering it on your feet, covering them with socks and going to sleep. I figure why not?

I am here to say it worked! The next morning I felt 94% better – still a bit stuffed, but without all that woozy head stuff going on. I have hunted down a few sites regarding the Vicks on Feet thing ….. they all say it is for coughs, but it worked for me. Plus my feet are nice and soft now!