IMG_3339The post-Thanksgiving stupor extends to the dogs.

Both girls are on the road back to their respective campuses.  All the other company (three of D#1's friends) have also cleared out.  The first of many loads of laundry is in the machine and the bathrooms have all been re-scrubbed.  Only the vacuum tango remains. 

And then I can join Bridget on the couch!


I have been knitting — in fact I have a few finished projects and two just-about-finished projects! Here is one of the finished to share — it is the slouched tuva hat knit with my very own handspun! and a link for all you ravelers! I think I will add an increase after the ribbing on the next one I knit for an even slouchier effect.

D#1 called this morning with some terrible news —- a huge fire in town, luckily no one was hurt and it was not her apartment, but two of her friends are displaced. : (

Mr. Boar and I have been busy updating the den and office.  New carpet, paint, lighting, molding, railing, ceiling fan.  Since we are do-it-ourselvesers this has been a three week long undertaking.  The house has been in complete disarray – which is a situation I do not usually handle with grace.

Well, the carpet was installed this morning – thankfully Boar does not insist that we do that portion of the job!  Here is a quick video of the dogs reaction – and yes, I am on pee-on-the-new-carpet patrol!

pattern:  Hemlock Ring Blanket
yarn:  Cascade Ecological Wool

This was a great project – fun and quick with a big wow factor! (I just reread that and it sounds kind of sexy!)  Anyway, it is a beautiful blanket, but I would like you to consider something even more beautiful – sublime really:

D#2  & Boyfriend helping to block it!