pattern:  Hemlock Ring Blanket
yarn:  Cascade Ecological Wool

This was a great project – fun and quick with a big wow factor! (I just reread that and it sounds kind of sexy!)  Anyway, it is a beautiful blanket, but I would like you to consider something even more beautiful – sublime really:

D#2  & Boyfriend helping to block it!

More of D#2’s knitting. Here is a scarf that she worked on (and finished!) over her winter break. The pattern is a freebie from Classic Elite, Sinful Rib Scarf and the yarn is odds and ends from the stash. This is a great pattern – easily memorized and reversible! D#2 knit this up with little to no interference from me – she even managed to fix many of her mistakes without any help. She’s a natural!

Sadly, she did not pack any knitting to take back with her for the spring semester!! What’s up with that? She informed me that if she had any free time, she thinks she should spend it reading sure. I get it. ~reading~

(maybe I will send her a Valentine’s Day care package – no chocolate, only brown yarn!)

handspun hat!

Let me first say that Vicki tagged me for the sixth folder/sixth picture meme. So what happened? Why am I a spoil sport?

First, I became paralyzed by trying to decide what exactly constitutes the sixth folder in my crazy picture filing system. If I count it one way, I get one result and if I count another way an entirely different picture!  Then when I finally figured out which approach to take and counted out the sixth folder and the sixth picture, it was one that I cannot put online (one of the D’s friends that I don’t know well enough to just go putting their picture on the Internets).

So then I was just going to pick out any picture and was trying to figure out which one and was beginning to agonize over this, when it hit me that the spontaneity of the whole thing which in fact seemed to be the whole point, had truly eluded me.    ~ heavy sigh ~

So now that that is off my chest – here is a handspun project! This is Thorpe knit with some Blue Face Leicester that has been in my stash for awhile. Over Thanksgiving vacation D#2 arrived home from visiting with friends at midnight. A very reasonable hour.   I was in the den knitting when she came through the door and after we chatted for a bit she said, “I think I will knit insert boyfriend’s name a hat for Christmas”

Have sweeter words ever been spoken? Is any hour too late when a daughter decides to pick up the needles?

We were up until three in the morning picking out a pattern and then the yarn. She decided on Thorpe, but thought that my handspun was a bit too ‘girly’. She found some dark, manly brown yarn in the stash and began  knitting away. And there I am with my handspun, thinking this really would make a great Thorpe.

And there you have it.


I took this picture a week or two ago during a bike ride I went on. One of my girlfriends is into biking and she has invited me to go along with her a few times – it is amazing that she keeps inviting me since I am s-l-o-w!!

Anyway, she claims this was a 14 mile loop and my ass believes her! These swans here just gave me a good excuse to stop, I was stopping no matter what the scenery. ; )

There has been some knitting going on, some purchasing going on and some future purchasing being contemplated! I am about to take the plunge and become a spinning wheel collector. Right now I have three (a Lendrum, a Hitchhiker and an antique Canadian production). Some might say that that right there is a collection and I suppose it is. But one more would really seal the deal.

I have had my eye on some Jensens in my spinning guild and recently had a chance to give one a whirl. So nice, so smooth and so pretty! I am going to wait until after Rhinebeck to make sure nothing else catches my eye ….. any opinions from all you spinners out there?

Makin Bacon

When Vicki was here somehow the subject of bacon came up. it’s funny how that can happen. I think we were having breakfast and I mentioned that Boar’s Head pre-cooked bacon is really not that bad. Not as good as on the stove fresh, but very convenient. Then Vicki told me about this funny little microwave bacon cooker that the girls had bought Rusty one Christmas.

and then we went on with our day.

and then the Thank You for the Wonderful Visit present arrived on my front porch. In amongst many wonderful things was Makin Bacon. Vicki oh Vicki ……..

The biggest news from Chez Swine is that D#2 is off on her college adventure. I am both sad and thrilled.  You can see in two of the pictures how packed the car was and also that she forgot her ‘blankey’ and had to run back into the house for it!

We moved her in on Saturday — everything went smoothly except for my uterus deciding to have a peri-menopausal tsunami of a period … is that tmi?  Shall we pause for an Oprah moment and discuss the body/soul connection and how isn’t it ironic that as my nest empties so does my girly parts?  and then shall we hug and look under our seats to find fabulous prizes??

Okay, back to the story.  D#2 has a good size room and her roommate seems really nice. She started class on Monday.  Her school has an extensive freshman course (3 weeks) so that is why they start so early.  It is a literature and writing class and it is right up her alley.   With the exception of one weepy moment, all reports from her have been great.

When we got back from that trip it was a quick clean the house and then my company arrived!!! YAY for girlfriends providing diversions! I got to meet two of Vicki’s daughters – and it’s absolutely true, they are wonderful so our Vicki must be doing something right. Cara and Meli were her too and that little Meli gets cuter everytime I see her. Unfortunately neither of them

  1. left a daughter behind for me and
  2. I took not a single picture.

We had a SnB on Monday night with Flair, Ricki, Peggy and Kathleen.  We were so busy laughing that I am not sure if any knitting got done.  Someday I will post a video of Flair doing her best Tom Carvel impression.  The rest of the visit was spent relaxing with our knitting, watching the Olympics and gabbing.  I happen to be a gabber of Olympic proportion.

and the little one went wee wee wee

Two gorgeous ladies! D#2 has had loads of excitement lately, she graduated high school and the next weekend turned 18.  We had a big bbq to celebrate.  The weather that day was dicey, so there was some last minute reconfiguring, but in the end the rain held off and everyone had a great time.

Miss Meli came over to celebrate and party like a rock star and wore her party binky! There are certain people who will tell you that I had too much to drink and that I could not manage to take a decent picture and that they took the picture of Meli. I have nothing to say about that. I can’t remember.

As part of her birthday-palooza, the next day D#2 joined a bunch of friends and their families for a slumber party on Shelter Island. D#2 sure knows how to live it up. Luckily for me she brought home a souvenir!