I am Florida

It’s a good thing I’m not in charge of polling for anything important!  I believe I have fixed whatever was wrong with the pug poll, but have now turned my page background gray.  Can’t figure that one out!

Go vote people! practically nothing hangs in the balance!


3 thoughts on “I am Florida

  1. Here’s what I would do:
    Buy a food bowl, leash, collar, bone, etc, and wrap them, put them under the tree. Don’t get the puppy.


    A few weeks later (hey, there’s twelve days of Christmas, you can get the puppy Jan 6)

    The holidays are a stressful time for the puppy to have a new home, because the family is in general chaos and a routine is tougher to set.

    But you can never have the love of too many furry ones, so yes, get little pugster, and post lots of pictures!

    (btw, even those who do poll for important things mess them up, so don’t feel bad about the grey.)

  2. Lunacy my dear. Sheer lunacy. But voting at your poll is useless. You’ve already decided, I can tell. Your mind is already wrapped around the idea, and you are already in love with this new puppy, and you are totally hyped on the idea of surprising your family. So enjoy it, and I’ll enjoy reading about it here, but secretly I will be thinking….so glad it’s you who is crazy, and not me. :) :)

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