Edgar Allen Poe

Yes!  My readers have spoken – all eleven of you – and I must answer your call.  There has been a mandate!

(although I must admit, the ever wise Sharon nailed it on the head and I am just glad to be able to give the appearance of a democracy. Had the vote not gone my way, I would have had to declare myself the supreme monarch of my little kingdom and heads may have been rolling — thankfully, bloodshed was avoided)

I have the pleasure of presenting our little Edgar Allen Poe – daughter #2 named him in honor of his coloring and her favorite poem …. we shall call him Poe.

stay tuned for more Tail Wagging Tales!

10 thoughts on “Edgar Allen Poe

  1. OMG I love that puppy! He is so cute and Poe is the PERFECT name….my pug is Chloe and we just adore every move she makes!!!!! Enjoy him and fill us in on all the adventures, especially BETWEEN pugs. Congratulations on your new addition.

  2. So jealous…I dragged my family to the shelter yesterday. We found a cute kitty and were promptly told she had been “rescued” by a rescue organization and was unavailable. I wanna pet too. Is pug offended by Poe’s presence? Does she need a more deevoted family? Is she a one pug family kinda girl?

  3. Oh My GAWD, he is just soooo cute!!!! So, when can we meet him???? Bring him to LI Knits! Just keep him in a felted bag and nobody will know!

    You are NUTS! LilGuy (my 23# cat) would crush him! Better your carpets than mine. My cranky old B*tch, “Number One” AKA: “The Mad Pisser” has already destroyed my carpets.

  4. He is too adorable and I love the name. I happen to live about 10 minutes away from a cottage that Poe lived in (which sits in the middle of Poe Park on the Grand Concourse here in the Bronx) so I am very partial to Poe.

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