Oh no! 

First, it wasn’t going to snow.

Then, it wasn’t going to stick.

Now, we have had whiteout conditions and 4 inches.  I cannot tell if it is still snowing because the wind is blowing so fiercly!


I do love snow – except when I have spring fever.

The silver lining?   We’re having pancakes for dinner!  Nothing says ‘your Dad’s going to be late and I love breakfast for dinner’ more than pancakes after 6 pm. 

What’s your favorite non-dinner dinner?

The other great thing about a snow storm is guilt free sitting all day and knitting!  My original plan for the day was to paint two doors.  It was in the 60’s yesterday and this seemed like a reasonable idea.  With today’s freezing temperatures, the paint never would have dried properly so that plan went out the window.  There has been progress made on my Pumpkin Patch Clapotis and I’ve been working on him

ps.  is there snowblower etiquette?  how late is too late to fire up that beast?

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