where there’s smoke ….

Why did I ever open my mouth? 

Have you ever made a public proclamation that you regret?

Awhile back, I announced that I would quit smoking on March 18th.  The divine Small Hands steered me to QuitNet.  I signed up and have been receiving encouraging emails regarding my plan.

People!  March 18th is next *ucking Friday.  Sure I said I was going to do this.  But that was back in January and March seemed a long way away.  It was easy to be strong minded then.

I am cranky just thinking about it.

There is a tentative plan to get together with Joanne & Melissa and Kathleen for some needle felting next Friday.  These women are obviously nuts — on my first day of quitting, not only are they willing to be in the same room as me – they are willing to sit there while I hold tiny, sharp little needles in my hand. 

They think chocolate will help. 

I myself am a firm believer in the healing powers of chocolate…..I’m just not making any promises is what I’m sayin.

12 thoughts on “where there’s smoke ….

  1. Yeah. I do believe it was “the divine Small Hands” blog, reading a particularly enthusiastic endorsement of QuitNet some time ago, that I signed up myself. As with most of my proclamations about quitting smoking, I’ve taken a “later” attitude. I can’t really say how many years that attitude has been in place, but it’s been a lot. Later. I’m thinking about it. I’ll do it. I think about it ALL.THE.TIME. Would it help to have a buddy? Let’s talk…

  2. ann! You need massive amounts of medication to quit! Forget that website, get some zyban and a good strong patch! And add the chocolates for a bonus zing.

  3. I have faith in you, and I’m sure you can do it, but I don’t think I’d be brave enough to be near you while you have any sharp implement in your hand.

  4. Ann, two words: Nicotine Gum. It was the only thing that helped me make it, many years ago. The other thing about quitting is you have to forgive yourself if you slip, and just climb back on the wagon. Slipping isn’t failure. Another thing I did that helped me prepare for quitting was to make incremental changes, such as first not smoking in the car, and later not smoking in the house. It gave both of these places a chance to air out so they didn’t smell like smoke when I ultimately did quit, and it was also behavior modification so I was used to not smoking in these places when the time came. You can do it.

  5. I’ll be with you in spirit, my dear! You can do it; I quit cold turkey and have done pretty darn well to keep it away. Once I got over the initial hump, the fact that my body and clothes no longer had that icky smell helped a lot.

    Vent all you want about it here till the feeling passes…and eat lots of chocolate!

  6. Quitting smoking is a hobby of mine, though a less intense one than fiber arts.

    I’m on day two of not smoking and just remember… the less you smoke, the more money you have to spend on YARN!

  7. Please stick to your plan. My MIL a chain smoker was diagnosed yesterday with lung cancer and a brain tumor. Quit for yourself, the boar, your girls and the rest of us that love you. I know you can do it! Love, Jane

  8. Here’s a cheerful thought: over 40% of all people who quit smoking LOSE WEIGHT!

    I quit a 3.5 pack/day Kools habit over 20 years ago. Cold turkey. Was cheerful the entire time (I think it was b/c my body was in nicotine deprivation shock) and have never gone back.

    You can do this! You’re in our prayers…

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