Puff the Magic Dragon

Thank you, thank you for all your supportive comments!  After next f-ing Friday this site is sure to turn a bit  …. um … nasty.  I hope you will continue to read despite all the bitching & moaning.  Come to think of it, it may actually improve my stats.  There’s nothing like having a good, safely distant view of a woman gone beserk!

I have also received some emails from fellow bloggers and friends who are taking the plunge with me.  I will not ‘out’ them until they post about it themselves.  Perhaps we should start a webring?  We would need a fabulous, ironic, tongue-in-cheek name for it …..

In other news, I sliced my thumb while using my mandoline yesterday — ouch!  I don’t believe my injury will interfere with my knitting.  I was getting dinner ready, slicing cucumbers for salad and both Daughters were in the kitchen.  We were chatting and I took my eyes off my hands for a split second.  I screamed as a small portion of my thumb came off.  While the Daughters are used to the sound of me screaming, it takes on a different tone when I’m in pain.  They are not accustomed to that sound.  They were both concerned and Daughter #2 ran for the band-aids.

At the exact same time she was asking if I was okay, Daughter #1 began eyeballing the bowl of cucumbers ……   some angel of mercy she is! 

Now I ask you, what’s a little bit of thumb between a mother & daughter?

4 thoughts on “Puff the Magic Dragon

  1. I hope you were able to knit today. That freaking window guy tried to blow me off but I put up a big stink! He came and did zip. Sigh. What kind of dressing were you using?

  2. ouch annie! your so descriptive that I still have the willies! i will remember this event in case you ever offer me the ‘green thumb salad’ hope you’re better today. xo

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