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I spent a lovely morning munching on waffles with Kathleen and her mother Susan.  Susan was wearing a fabulous Starmore creation – I can see where our Miss Katy gets her talent!  We had a great morning chatting about knitting.  Holy Mackeral – Susan needs to get a blog and Kathleen needs to start doing some bragging — the stories these two had!!  I am sworn to secrecy, so don’t bother asking me to tell!  We did stop our jaws long enough for Susan to show me the continental method – something I have been practising a bit, but need to get much better at. 

We were also discussing the merits of knitting things that you’ll wear versus things that stretch your talent. 

For the most part I knit things that I will wear (with the exception of some crazy Fry Ups and Hallowigs).  There was a time when I would expand the knitting repertoire – mostly when the girls were little and I was in charge of dressing them.  I did cables and intarsia.  Nowadays I seem to knit ‘simpler’ designs — not that the patterns are necessarily easy.  I love looking at colorwork sweaters, but can’t see myself wearing one.  I think that cables would be too bulky.  I look better in less ‘fussy’ designs — but then I end up knitting miles of stockinette. 

**this can only mean one thing …. I need to lift my moratorium on knitting for others!

Where do you knitters fall in this discussion?  Do you knit it because you can, or do you knit it because you’ll wear it?

5 thoughts on “points to ponder

  1. Both! I like to wear my knits and love making them, too. I don’t give much knitting away. Most people have no idea the amount of time knitting takes. And those fuzzy scarfy things are just too, too…gag. Find something interesting to knit for yourself. There must be something out there!

  2. I knit because I really enjoy it. Plus it’s one of the ways I’m totally and completly selfish. 90% of my knitting is for me and only me with a few items going to others. Love the new blog look.

  3. Okay, I’m green. I love a good storytime — and the kind that make you need to be sworn to secrecy are the very best. Sounds like a wonderful morning!!

    I like to wear my knits, and I really enjoy making them, doing new things. Seems like I’ve been doing a lot of knitting for others lately — I’m gonna have to teach my girls a few more tricks with the sticks so they can do their own stuff!

  4. I’m very practical, so I like to make things I will wear or use. But like you, I look better in simple designs. Lacy designs look silly on me, cables and bulky yarns tend to overwhelm me, and I feel too conspicuous in vivid colorways. I compensate by knitting with yarns and colors I love when making things for myself. I satisfy my desire for challenging patterns and exciting colors by making socks, where I can get as creative as I want, still be practical, and then hide it all inside my shoes!

  5. I knit things that I will wear, mostly comfortable casual clothing. Once in a while an accent scarf but not the frou frou ones. I think I’m a process knitter with many UFO’s. A good friend once told me that I like to make stitches. I had to ponder on that one, but I think it’s true. I love the rhythm of knitting, the inner sigh that’s almost audible and the sheer tranquility of making stitches. I like simpler things with just until texture or pattern to keep my interest.

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