Eddie Haskel

Warning:  Swine is turning into a sycophant!

Kal I have joined another Knit Along.  When I started this site, I never joined the KAL’s — didn’t want the pressure.  Now I can’t seem to stop myself!  I feel like a toady.

But seriously, how to resist Black Water Abbey yarns?  What better way to justify the expense than to join up?  Does it make a difference that I am knitting something for my Boar?  That the name of the pattern is Halcyon and it’s good for my vocabulary? 

This also ties in quite nicely with my conundrum of yesterday – I like to wear plain-ish sweaters.  So my knitting skills are never expanded.  So I shall knit something more challenging for my Boar.

What? ….


I never finished the Fry Up?

It just so happens that I spent last night cleaning my knitting plate as it were ……

7 thoughts on “Eddie Haskel

  1. In answer to yesterday’s question, I tend to knit sweaters I will actually wear, but I also enjoy knitting in very fine yarns. You can do color and cables without the bulk. Of course, it takes me a year and a day to finish anything!

  2. I have knit for Boar before. Not being aware of the ‘boyfriend curse’, I knit him a sweater when we were in college. I completed a vest last year that he has worn a number of times and have also knit him a pair of socks….. I have to reclaim those socks, he never wears them!

  3. I’ll be curious how the Blackwater Abbey Yarns knits up — there was a trunk show at an LYS recently, and while I found the colors rich and lovely, I thought the yarn itself was a little scratchy. I will look forward to seeing how it works out ’cause if it ends up soft, I hear a stash enhancement coming up…

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