J197t_1 Kiss Me …..

  1. 1. I’m Irish
  2. 2. I’m quitting smoking!

This is it — my last day of smoking!  I started out this week dreading tomorrow, but now I find myself almost looking forward to it.  After a beer tonight to celebrate the day, I will have my final cigarette.  And I will look forward to healthier lungs and more cash for stash! 

In honor of this auspicious occasions, Vicki and I have started a webring.


If you would like to join us, look in my sidebar for the sign up link.  I have heard from someone (who did not include their name in the email) who will be quitting too, but she doesn’t have a blog.  If you are blogless and about to be cig-less, let us know and we can post your progress on our sites!  Furthermore, you don’t have to actually go cold turkey to join — it was a cute & catchy name.  Both Vicki and I are using quitting aids.  I was at Costco yesterday and picked up the first step of the patch system for myself and the nicotine gum for the Boar.

It is turning into quite the fiber filled week around here.  Tuesday was waffles and fiber with Kathleen and Sue.  Last night was spinning guild — there was a Melissa sighting!  Despite having dropped from the blogging radar, she is alive and well — just extra busy these days.  Maybe if we beg and plead she will post a picture of her gorgeous fair isle hat!  Also at the guild meeting was her partner in crime, Joanne.  Today is an afternoon get together with some knitting friends and Friday afternoon is knitting guild where Vogue will be presenting some samples.  And then, Joanne is hosting a Friday evening needle felting extravaganza!


9 thoughts on “smooch!

  1. I’ve never had to try to quit smoking, but I’ve had friends do it. I know that just deciding that you’re ready is half the battle! You can do it!!!!

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