day one – down!

First off, I would like to thank each and every one of you for all your comments yesterday.  Reading everyone’s words of support made a big difference for my mental attitude and resolve.  If you have quit or are quitting smoking, why not join our cold turkey knitters webring – the link is in my sidebar ……  thanks so much again and again and again and again!!!

I happily report that I made it through Day One.  I think the patch helped mightily with any physical symptoms — I had a few tense moments here and there.  They were mostly mental moments and it occurs to me that I will need to change my mind about these — distract myself with deep breathing and walking or knitting!  I don’t have the power to do anything about the physical side of this process, but I can certainly change my mind!  I’m feeling fairly confident here at the start of Day Two.

I had a fabulous day yesterday — filled with wonderful distractions.  It started off with breakfast and a yarn shop.  Ricki, Peggy and I went for breakfast and then stopped by Granny’s for a visit with Kathleen, Sue and Granny.  P3190003 P3190004Many of your comments yesterday mentioned being good to myself – well, I went to hell with myself! Witness my new Lantern Moon knitting bag/summer purse and my new Chibi ala Wendy – heretofore known as Chubby!  This chubby reference is a blog entry in and of itself …. I mistakenly called the thing a chubby – at which point all the ladies (and I use that term loosely) had a great laugh, telling me that chubby is a euphemism for a part of the male anatomy …. who the hell knew that??!!  these men can’t seem to stop naming body parts!

Did my decadent day end there?  Oh no – not by a long shot!

We were all graciously invited to Joanne’s house where she taught us the magic of needle felting!  We should have known we were in for an interesting evening when the centerpiece of the table was a box of band aids and rubbing alcohol!  Add wine to the mix and we were on a roll.  Once again, Ricki, Peggy, Kathleen, Joanne and I had a barrel of laughs – which led to many expletives.  I suspect there is more needle felting in my future ….. I think I have a knack for it …..

P3190006 P3190007 P3190008 P3190010

If you are thinking that this is all, you are mistaken ….

I was also the recipient of prizes relating to two blog contests ….. a while back, I cheated shamelessly on one of Kathleen’s contests.  I am here to tell you that cheaters do indeed prosper  Kathleen also took time away from her own needle felting to make me a pacifier …. she’s a funny one!

The stars must have been in alignment or something because I rarely win contests … The Webheads, Joanne & Melissa also had a prize for their most frequent commentator (thank God it was a quantity and not quality kind of test) and look at this beauty …. 

P3190013 P3190014 P3190015 P3190016 P3190017

my very own little Purling Swine!!  I ::heart:: him!

6 thoughts on “day one – down!

  1. Yayforus! Morecashforstash! Day One is behind us and Day Two just doesn’t seem as big a hurdle. I try so hard to avert my eyes from spinning and needle-felting and quilting and all the other wonderful, creative things that I know I’d go head over heels for in a heartbeat!! But your purling swine is testing my resolve. So cute!!!

    So glad you had a great day! Love, love, love your new bag!

  2. What an eventful day and it was only Day One. How could you top that? Love the bag, bunnies & especially the swine. Keep going girlie!! I can’t wait for Day Two…..

  3. day one without a cig! we are proud of you. keep it up they say the first day is the hardest( but what do i know). you may not always win things but people love to give you things ;-)
    love that swine and bunny – remember your sil loves rabbits? ;-)*hint hint*

  4. Chibi means little boy in Japanese. So your use of chubby might not be too far off! Yentala blogged about Chibi a while back: See chibi
    good luck on the no smoking!

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