P3190002 I did some spinning this weekend.  I have finished spinning some alpaca I bought at a guild meeting.  Enlarge the picture to see how it went – the challenges in my life.

‘What is that?’, you ask …..

it’s the ass of this beast!

4 thoughts on “

  1. That is such a cute blog title–I enjoy placing them on my blog as titles of interest in that day’s post. Also, really cool button: “would it kill ya to comment?” Nope, still alive. Take Care! G.

  2. Brilliant! I’ve been catching up on your progress–well done through the first days! I know you’re going to make it; you’ve got lots of support, loving family and, most importantly, FIBER…makes all the difference.

    Love on those puppies and spin on!

  3. Honored to see the sweet little pig all over your recent photos area. I had a wonderful time on Friday, thanks so much for coming and for bringing Ricki and Peggy along. Saturday I spent the day with quilting pals, I have had more fiber cameraderie this weekend than I’ve had in a long time.

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