My Very First Blog Contest

March_8_008A Game!

Guess the Pattern and Who It’s For!

I finished this suprise project last night and will be putting it in the mail today.

If anyone actually guesses both the pattern and who the lucky recipient is, I will send you a present too!  (don’t know what it is yet, but I will dig something up!) And Kathleen, I will buy you a consolation latte since I’ve already told you about this project!

March_8_007 As I wait for my order from Black Water Abbey to arrive, I cast on some Knitpicks sock yarn.  This is their Simple Stripes yarn in Snapdragon.  Seems appropriate for the equinox.

Onto smoking news.  I am pleased to report that there is no smoking news.  I am on my 4th day of not smoking.

Frankly I have been feeling somewhat manic — either very happy or very cranky.  I am hoping this is a normal experience and not some new personality emerging!  Today is looking like a happy day.  My body is feeling better already, my mind is the problem (so what else is new some of you wise guys may be asking yourselves!).  Except for the ugly, soft-boiled egg incident I have been good about keeping my crankiness to myself.  Although I will share this conversation I had with Daughter #2 last night:

  • she said something about me quitting smoking
  • me: I think I’ve been good about keeping my crankiness to myself
  • she: (not all that convinced)   yeah, you have….
  • me: what??  when have I been cranky to you?!
  • she: you haven’t — you really have been good.  It’s just that when you’re cranky I can feel it seeping out of you …..

Apparently, I’m leaking.

I suppose I should step away from the computer and take advantage of my happy good feeling – you know, make hay while the sun is shining, face is smiling ….

8 thoughts on “My Very First Blog Contest

  1. Kathleen & Vicki in answer to your questions about the Boar …

    you know how girls are with their fathers — she probably only senses sugar, spice & everything nice coming out of him.

    ha! I know better!

    actually he’s much better at not letting it seep out.

    Or maybe he’s not better at it, it just seeps out at work for him (luckily he’s the boss) and since my house is my work – it seeps out at my work too.

    Unfortunately for the daughters, they are my work!

  2. Hi Ann,
    I linked to you through Vicki’s blog. I just would like to extend my conrats on your four days smoke free. You are through the worst of it. Plus, you have not murdered anyone. I have 3 years in April. I can clearly remember what those early days felt like. Keep adding up those days!

  3. YAY annie on 4 days! you will feel better every day. your crankiness is seeping huh? and the girls are NEVER cranky ;-)
    blog contest… hmmm
    something going in the mail…i say a gift for your favorite aunt in pa

  4. I am so proud of you–not smoking!!!! Daughter #2 always comes out with classics. Do you remember ‘jiggly’? Put me back on your buddy list and start sending the jokes. -_-

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