snip snip!

Fry_up_028 Our little Poe is getting ‘fixed’ today.  Poor baby!  Here is a recent picture of him — he is chewing on my bathrobe!  I am hoping that this ‘fixing’ will take a little wind out of his sails!  He has gotten much better than he was, but he is still a whirling dervish.  He will be back home tomorrow afternoon.  Poor little guy!

It is to be a rainy, dreary day.  Sounds like a good day to organize knitting patterns.  With Poe being gone for the day, it will be ideal.  I will be able to spread out all over the den without worrying about his marauding ways.  There is an antique map chest in the den.  Two of its drawers are filled with knitting magazines and patterns.  These drawers are one pattern away from being overstuffed.  I either need to :

  1. quit collecting patterns (ha! I say.)
  2. or find a better system!

I love collecting patterns, books and magazines as much if not more than collecting yarn!  The problem is, I have been mulling this one over and can’t come up with another, better system.  I think the first step will be to just organize and see what I’ve got – get all the hat patterns corralled and that type of thing …..

How many days have I been not smoking?  I quit on Friday.  On Thursday evening, the 18th of March at around 11:30 pm, I puffed my last cig.  It is now Wednesday.  How do you count that — do you start counting with Friday and end up with six days, or do you start with Saturday and end up with five days?  These simple things elude me …..  I realize I could skirt around the issue by saying I am on my sixth day of not smoking.  This counting concept has always confused me ….  Yay to Vicki (go over there, tell her what a great job she is doing!) and to Connie (a lady who needs a blog!) and to any other quitters out there!!

9 thoughts on “snip snip!

  1. Good luck to Poe. I try to organize my loose patterns in a binder. I buy those plastic sheet protectors for those that don’t already have them. And I have those file box thingies for magazines. Have fun. :) Yea for you still not smoking. You have inspired Gracie to terrorize every smoker in our extended family.

  2. My best to little Poe for a speedy recovery! I, too, am a pattern collector. I don’t have much of a yarn stash – I have a pattern and book stash. I figure I can always find yarn of some kind, but books and patterns come and go. But, as a result I bought a lot of now hard to find books (like Alice Starmore) when they first came out. My dil is working on a computer program for me to keep everything (including patterns, yarns and needles) organized. She hopes to go commercial with it. And way to go on the not smoking!! You can do it!

  3. Sounds like it is time for you to visit the antique store and pick out a larger chest for storing all your patterns! At least it is a good excuse to go antique hunting!

  4. Oh, too funny. I had the same problem with numbers this morning! I actually started a paragraph with “Day 5,” but I’m inclined to count Friday, so then it would be “Day 6” — I think I left off any reference to days. Remember when your kids were babies? First you’d count their age by days, then weeks, then months, and then years… soon we’ll be counting by weeks and months and years!!

    Good luck on the organizing. And I hope Poe’s whirling a little less after his “fix.” Duncan, our recently fixed kitty, didn’t miss a single beat… it’s like it never happened!

  5. A quick note to say–poor Poe, but I hope the snippin’ halts some of the chewin’!

    And congrats on your smoke-free-ness! You’re doing great–I’m so proud of you!

  6. awww poor little poe! He will do well. he is in good hands with our vets :) and YOU are doing great! My counting says you’re on day 6! keep up the good work annie! xo

  7. poor poe. it should curb his crazy ways but i am sure he will look at you with those big watery eyes asking WHY?
    organizing is great and it will be helpful to know what and where the patterns are but you still won’t be able to fit everything in that map chestunless you are planning to pare down.

  8. Good job on the not smoking bit!! You can do it!

    I need to organize my patterns, I have a bunch and I just toss them in a box. Bad form I know.

    Stymie gives her regards in respects to the recent fixin’. It did calm her down just a little but I rather like my Stymie spunky-style.

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