And the answer is ….


The detail oriented among you may notice that I changed the name.  In honor of our first week smoke free anniversary, I took liberties with the name.  you say tomato, I say tomato! 

You may also notice that the pattern is written for a child’s head.  I changed nothing and simply used Lion Brand’s Fisherman’s wool with appropriate needles.

Further, those with eagle eyes may be thinking that the legs look a little wonky.  Well, they are.  Those legs were a pain in the ass.  It’s not like Vicki is actually going to wear this thing!

Maybe if you go over there give her a hearfelt "atta boy!" we can persuade her into a small photoshoot ….

and another shout out to the wonderful, yet sadly blogless Connie, who is also celebrating a smoke free week!!!  Connie shared with me a cool quit smoking computer application – it is SilkQuit.  According to them, I have:

  • not smoked in 1 week, 19 hours and 53 minutes
  • not smoked 156 cigarettes
  • saved $41 and
  • saved 13 hours of my life! 

thanks Connie!

yay for us!

10 thoughts on “And the answer is ….

  1. ::::conspiratorial whisper:::: Vicki sent me…to congratulate you on making it through hell week. This June 18th is 17 years for me, 3.5/pks/day of Kools…cold turkey. I.did.not.die….but I thought I would, for a while.

    Hang in there. You’re making a massive change in your life and you need to be really nice to yourself every time you resist the seductive lure of Senor Nicotine. Say, go buy some wool? Treat yourself to a cup of tea and 30 minutes of knitting? Chocolate?

    What you’re doing is tremendous. My prayers are with you.


  2. I had a feeling it was something for Vicki, but I never would have guessed Cold Turkey Viking Hat in a million years. Hilarious! And good medicine, too. Sounds like it arrived at the perfect moment.

  3. WooHoo! You’re doing great!!!

    And I’m thrilled to know how to make this hat in an adult size now. I’ve been contemplating it, but I didn’t have the energy to try and re-write the pattern in a larger size. :-)

  4. Congrats! You are doing great! I’ve always thought smoking was so difficult to give up because far more than a physical addiction, it is foremost a social behavior.

    And as for the Cold Turkey Hat — yay! I wish I had thought to use a heavier yarn. I’ll have to start mine soon — gotta have one!

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