faster than a speeding bullet

March_24_007 no sooner had I posted about disappointments yesterday than the mailman delivered a package!  Awhile ago, Kathleen had alerted me to an Ebay site with great prices on Addi-Turbos.  I was having none of it, being a big fan of my Denise set.  Then I gave Sue’s Addis a whirl.  (Sue is Kathleen’s mother and should have a blog and book deal of her own!)  I still love my Denise’s, but the tips on the Addis are fabulous.   So off I went a ordering. 

I am just finished the first sock in my Knitpick’s simple stripe sock yarn.  I want to give the Socks Soar on Two Circulars method a try, but don’t want to have any gauge issues between sock #1 and sock #2.  So the Addis will stay in their sleeves until the next pair of socks. 

Was I savvy enough to check the needle recommendation for the Black Water Abbey project?  no.

As for the blog contest of Monday — I am anxiously awaiting word that the package arrived.  Hopefully it will be today.  So far, no one has guessed correctly – I really thought Snowball might have figured it out.  ::hint, hint::

8 thoughts on “faster than a speeding bullet

  1. I know, I know!! Can I cheat? Please? :) Congrats on a full week of quitting Ann. You rule! And love the needles. Did Peggy order some too? Will the eBay lady give me a commission? And the crochet hooks are nice too.

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