Good Friday Indeed!

P3260027 Just as I was beginning to have niggling thoughts about my Black Water Abbey order – you know the kind that drive you nuts?  the thoughts that are like that stray popcorn kernel stuck to your teeth that you can’t seem to dislodge?  or am I the only one who tortures myself for hours, if not days with this stuff?  where is it? when will it get here? should I call them?. 

Just when all of this was starting to take shape in my brain, the UPS guy shows up!  (extra bonus that those guys are always adorable….)

Here is the Jacob colorway and even the sunlit picture doesn’t capture all the nuance — browns and greys – gorgeous!  Would you like to see a close up?

Not to be outdone by yarn …. does the sunlight do the doggies justice? 

P3260023 P3260028_1

Count the Creatures in the picture on the left!

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