“I’m Flowin’ My Tail Off Out Here!”


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Vhat2jpgthumbHere’s a picture of Vicki wearing the Cold Turkey hat!  Of course, she is wearing it with her gorgeous St. Brigid, so the Cold Turkey pales in comparison!  ; )   No matter how much we have in common, Vicki knits St. Brigid and I the Cold Turkey Hat.  She has posted a photo album (go to her site and scroll to the bottom) of all the fun families can have with a Cold Turkey Hat — the dog looks especially thrilled!!  If you want me to knit you a Cold Turkey Hat, don’t be shy – all you have to do is ask!

4 thoughts on ““I’m Flowin’ My Tail Off Out Here!”

  1. Um, dude? Now I’ve been rude enough to start a Viking Chicken Hat Knit-along I realize that I forgot one important thing. Like um, did you just use worsted and larger needles or what?

    I knew I should have maybe gotten some details before I put on the hipwaders and wandered into the middle of the stream.

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