Rainy Days and Mondays

…never get me down!  It is a rainy, rainy Monday here — the perfect opportunity to start in on Halcyon

Puzzle1I completed the Knitpicks socks over the weekend and promise a picture tomorrow.  I am determined to keep this pair of socks for myself!  These are the third pair I’ve knit in as many weeks and I don’t have a single sock of my own to show for my efforts.  Speaking of socks as gifts, check out the great sock wrappers at Knitting Fool.

My daily dose of blog reading has turned up The Daily Knitter – a new (to me at least) knitting resource – complete with crossword puzzle!  Thanks to Blogdogblog for the link!

So there you have a completely disjointed entry — my mind is a bit jumpy today!  **probably due to the fact that I have not smoked 209 cigarettes over the past 1 week, 3 days, 11 hours and 42 minutes; thereby saving $56.11 and 17 hours and 25 minutes of living!

6 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Mondays

  1. Thanks for the traffic! BTW, I’m including wrappers and tags to go with my projects in the PDF files now, so when I release the Spearfish sock pattern there will a very similar looking wrapper (without the large Designedly, Kristi logo) included that you can add your name etc. to if gifting the socks to someone. I’m designing tags to go with the strawberry, eggplant and bluebarry hat too. I *love* doing things like that :-)

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