Celtic Screamers

Some fans of purlingswine don’t like the knitting content.  They think it’s boring.  (It is actually the most exciting thing in my life, which paints a pretty bleak picture of my day-to-day doings.)

If you are amongst these people, don’t bother reading today’s entry.  It is yet another instance where Ann screws up a project and comes perilously close to needing medical intervention …..

I need to state the obvious.  Here is the Meriam Webster’s definition of Halcyon:

Main Entry: [2]halcyon
Date: 1540
1 : of or relating to the halcyon or its nesting period
2 a :

take special note of #2 – I am sure this usage is what the designer had in mind when she named the pattern.  I know it’s what I had in mind when I ordered this pattern.

Here’s something else I know  – I had to rip back 10 rows last night.  In the larger picture of an entire sweater, I realize that 10 rows are not really all that much.  However, I would like to point out that at the moment when I ripped out those 10 rows, I had a grand total oMarch_24_010_3 f 20 rows finished — this is over 1/2 of my work ripped out!  (and who said I couldn’t do math??). 

Here is a lousy picture of the problem.  Do you see the extra row? 

editor’s note: I had very bad knitting karma last night and almost impaled my foot on a dpn while taking this picture. metal #2’s – all you non knitters, that means sharp and hard!

Remember yesterday when I tried to talk myself out of the gauge swatch?

Last night I tried to talk myself out of the ripping.

what difference is one little row going to make? it’s on the back of the sweater for godssakes! don’t be an idiot, no one will notice! You can fiddle with it during blocking! It’s just one row – one row on size 3 needles no less!!

But then I thought of my fellow knit-alongers.  My intrepid Celtic Dreamers.  They wouldn’t stand idly by and let this atrocity linger.  They would act – swiftly and with confidence.

So after a bit of dilly dallying, snivelling and whining, I acted too.  (like a big baby!)

It’s all better now.

What?  How did I end up with an extra row anyway?

I really can’t do math — in one little instance I seemed to have forgotten that the pattern is graphed for every row.  Every single row.  That #2 on the graph means the actual second, wrong side row and not the second row of the right side.


4 thoughts on “Celtic Screamers

  1. All I can say is that you’re in good company, Ann. Or at least math-resistant company. I did exactly the same second-row-of-right-side thing when I started Celtic Dreams and felt like an absolute idiot.

  2. I, for one, love the knitting content, even as I empathize with your trials and tribulations! Of course, I can’t get enough of little Poe either…

  3. You all are making me nervous about the Bramble Berry. I still won’t have the pattern for another week, which makes me crazy, but you are making me vervous none the less! :)

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