like shooting goldfish in a barrel…

Spearfish_button3 click on the button to see what new thing I’ve gotten myself into.  Isn’t it a great pattern? 

Are you thinking I must be nuts to take on another project?  That the fact that I nearly impaled my foot the other night should be sending me a clear signal?

As I was knitting away on this last evening, I was thinking of starting a sock project.  They are ever so portable and have the added benefit of being relatively quick.  It is taking me about 5 minutes a row on Halcyon and I will probably need a diversion.

Anyone else need a diversion?  Come on — let’s go spearfishing!  added bonus: the title of this knit along makes me feel sporty!


these knitalongs sure make Poe sleepy!

5 thoughts on “like shooting goldfish in a barrel…

  1. Your little Poe is the cutest thing ever!

    I might actually knit this pattern, but there is NO way I would make it as long as it is. (I’m not fond of long socks, and I have REALLY fat calves.) And I am a slow knitter, so no race for me. I still might get the pattern though. :)

  2. Halcyon is looking wonderful!! Oh, little Poe steals the show today, though; what a cutie. How’s he been since his “appointment”? It’s a great sock and a portable project is good to have.

  3. Thank you for the a.m. cuteness! That Poe is just a little star–makes me want to ignore my allergies and just snuggle!

    Oh, and I’m in the Spearfish race…perhaps we could set a friendly wager to see who finishes first?

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