Best in Show, anyone?

P2100003.JPGThis is a picture of Lucy watching the Westminter Dog Show last year.  This is how Lucy watches TV.  Whenever there is a dog on the screen – this is what Lucy does.  This is a still shot and you would need a video to capture the lunacy that is this pug.  She becomes completely unhinged when dogs are on TV.  She frantically scrambles at the screen, she runs around in circles barking and wheezing …. it’s quite a spectacle.  More often than not, during all this craziness, she manages to hit the power button.

Now imagine if you will, me trying to watch Show Dog Moms & Dads.  Further, add into the picture that I kept screwing up my knitting – misreading rows time and time again.  I have the Halcyon in my lap, the chart right next to me, I’m into my third repeat, but I still kept screwing it up.  The evening was warm, but I swear I was having a hot flash and on top of it all, Lucy’s running around has raised the humidity level in my den to 100% — 100% panting dog.

Oh yeah, it was doggone delightful.

6 thoughts on “Best in Show, anyone?

  1. i have witnessed this lunacy first hand and it is something to behold. she gets so crazy and she usually hits the power button more than once which can be aggravating if you are interested in the show.and there is no stopping her

  2. Hehe, my pug, Ada, just barks when she hears other dogs barking on the TV. Once or twice she has run up to the tv and watched it for a few minutes but only when I am watching cartoons!

  3. Waldo does that too! And he’s always confused when a dog walks off the screen and he can’t find it outside of the tv. He only does it for a couple of seconds though because Nestle runs over and stops his silliness.

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