Week Three!

Today is the three week mark in the Cold Turkey Caper!  Here are the impressive stats: 

  • 21 days, 8 hours, 35 minutes and 34 seconds smoke free
  • 427 cigarettes not smoked
  • $118.80
  • and 3 days, 6 hours of my life saved.

I had a patch snafu yesterday.  It was the last Step 3 patch in the box and I need to buy more patches today.  It refused to stick to me.  The adhesive side had completely given up the will to adhere!  Ricki gave me the idea to tape it to myself, which only worked for a short while. 

So I spent yesterday patchless.  I was feeling somewhat cocky and confident and thought that it wouldn’t be such a big deal – I mean it’s been three weeks already, how much difference can one patch make?

ask the Boar.

he knows the difference one patch can make.

poor little Boar.  He had no idea that I was patchless and did not see all the traffic cones and blinking yellow lights that the universe should have erected all around me.

I want to thank everyone for all their support – as crazy as I know this sounds, writing about quitting and all the wonderful comments is making a critical difference in my success.  Thanks and congratulations to Vicki, Connie, Boar and Claire – all you fellow Quitters!  we may be miserable at the moment, but just look at all the $$ we’re saving!

and darling Boar – thanks for putting up with my shit.

16 thoughts on “Week Three!

  1. Ann, you are doing so very well! I know you are going to stick with it. And just think, more money for fiber! :)

    Wonderful supportive thoughts going your way.

  2. Anyone can understand a “temporary” personality disorder, especially your boar. Much congrats; glad to see you will be around longer. Count on my ear (or in this case: eyes) anytime.!!

  3. I certainly hope that extra $$$ is going into a Massive Yarn Spree Fund or something similar! Congrats on this milestone…and for making it through a day with out a patch!

  4. Do they have a patch for PMS? please.provide.link. Anyhoo, huge congrats to all of you. You weathered an adhesive malfunction – could it get more FRUSTRATING? Way to go!

  5. Ann, I am so proud of you!!!

    Three weeks… you’ve made it through Hell week, its only *slightly* less crappy sibling Heck Week, AND the debilitating Weak Week… Now, watch out. This week four is sometimes the toughest: Sneak Week. You are feeling good about your Quit, you can even (almost) go without a patch. This is good, but be vigilant!

    This week, invariably, you will be hit with your biggest triggers, and the cravings will Sneak up on you and try to catch you unawares. I actually wrote a list of activities I could do when a crave hit me. The most common coping mechanism for me: just walking away from everyone/thing for 10 or 15 minutes. One thing about smoking, since it grosses so many people out, it is a great “moat” that keeps people away. My smoke breaks were my people breaks, and it was essential that I find a new way to escape. I walked around the block next to my office (sometimes three times a day). I told people it was my no-smoke break.

    What is your biggest trigger, and how will you quash it?

  6. Holy crap! That’s a lot of yarn money you saved! Get yourself some lovely cashmere – now you’ve got extra time to play with it!

    So glad you’ll be around!

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