I am full of shit

Please disregard my previous entry.  Apparently I will never learn! but that’s what you love about me, admit it – all the goof ups and pratfalls.

I ripped out my Spearfish today — I was convinced that they were too big.  So I ripped them out – then did a swatch – and discovered that I am knitting to gauge!!!!

ergo:  I didn’t need to rip out in the first place!!!!!   aarrrgh!!

What I need is to develop a real sense of exactly how gigantic my legs really are!  My dear brother once told me that I had pool table legs.  (he will deny this, but it’s true)

and now for the silver lining without which I couldn’t sleep at night: I am glad I ripped them out — now that I am more accustomed to the two circ method (which I still hate by the way, but I don’t have the proper size dpns) I am getting a much better result.

5 thoughts on “I am full of shit

  1. sis, you are really making me look bad to all your fans. it’s time for you to “let go” of all those mean things little boys said to you 30 years ago.
    hope you still love me !

  2. This brings to mind a story about my friend Sheila..we were at a girl’s night party, full of wine & lots of laughter, when Sheila reminded us about the time she attended modeling school. Sheila happens to be big, albeit beautiful, then as well as now and we snickered with the memory of her modeling school days.Sheila, in turn, got all haughty and said that her mother always told her she should be a leg model, to which a very funny friend retorted “For who? Steinway?”

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