I taught my first knitting class today – I really enjoyed it!  Some of them will be working on this Wave and Shell Shawl, others will be needing help with projects already in progress.  These women are already good knitters, they just lack confidence.

I remember when I first got married and moved to Michigan.  On top of being in an altogether different state than where I grew up and away from family and friends, I was separated from my knitting guru!  My Grandmother.  Dorothy0039 What would I do without her to fix whatever knitting problem I had?  all of those pesky dropped stitches, pattern abbreviations that I didn’t understand, row counting etc. 

I think that is the point where I really took charge of my knitting.  Without her to rely on, I would have to figure it out myself.  I would have to correct my own mistakes and figure out what went wrong.  Rather than blindly following a pattern, I would be forced to try and understand what the designer had in mind and where the directions were leading.  It was then I made the astonishing discovery that knitting was loops within loops!  Holy Cow was that ever a revelation!  Not to mention that the difference between the knit and purl stitch was how these loops were looping through one another.  When this occurred to me, I had been knitting for about five years – you would think I would have figured that out by then.  I didn’t have to – Gram ‘got’ it and she was always available to fix things.

My Grandmother was a good teacher.  In fact, she was a teacher.  As she was fixing my work, she would carefully explain to me what she was doing and why she was doing it.  At that exact moment in time my mind would drift with the thought  ‘yeah, yeah, whatever.  if it happens again, I’ll just hand it to you’

Have you had a knitting light bulb moment?  (that loop thing was my equivalent of discovering America)

so if fixing my own mistakes is the only way I’ll actually learn anything, does that mean that ripping is a good thing?  that I should embrace the frog?

5 thoughts on “ribbit

  1. Yes grrl, embrace that frog. One of the things I love most about knitting is that you are always learning. You can never know it all so there are many ‘light bulb’ moments.

  2. I remember my “for every increase there is an equal and opposite increase” lightbulb moment when knitting lace. That was a biggie for me and made me feel very bright at the time.

    It can be hard to embrace that frog. Mostly because the secret he’s been whispering to me most frequently is “pay attention to what you’re doing.”

    Some time, I will post pictures of my Frog Prince collection. I have dozens of little frogs in crowns given to me at various times.

  3. Teacher, teacher!! Oh, what fun; how many students do you have?

    Lower MI or the U.P.? (I’m guessing lower.)

    My grandma was a teacher, too, as was her mother. Neat pic you’ve got there.

  4. oooh-cha! oooooh-cha-cha!
    rah! rah! rah! goooooooANN!

    (that is my congrats dance/cheer)

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    How cool are you today??

  5. My light bulb moment came with my purchase of “Knitting Without Tears” back in the early 1970’s. I have no idea where I ran across the book, but it was definitely my epiphany. Never since have I been afraid to experiement, question a pattern, or even rip! Has it really been a month? Congratulations!! We are so proud of you.

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