not only did I inadvertently email invitations this morning, but now it seems that I did not inadvertently email enough people. Rabbitch, Snowball all you others out there —- get your asses over here on Thursday, I’m making coffee cake!

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  1. Excuse me, I hate to be so bold, and I really NEVER push myself on anyone but I can only ASSUME that you’re invite mix-up is the REASON I DIDN’T GET ONE???

    I happen to busy that night anyway, you know, just another boring black tie event at a swanky hotel…maybe next time.


  2. Oh, you have to go and mention coffee cake?? Tell me what you’re washing it down with and I’ll raise a glass on Thursday night in absentia (with envy).

  3. I was a bit curious as to why I didn’t get one, but I decided to pout silently about it! Perhaps you feel that the California people are more likey to make than Bronx people?

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