open house!

Filed under Ann learns the ins and outs of email.  I was inviting local knitters to my house on Thursday evening for a SnB.  This is something that we do every now and again – last time we got together was at Joanne’s when she taught us some needle felting.  It has been awhile, and the time is right.  Out went the first volley of emails and I heard back from most everyone.  Then I sent out another email firming up the time. 

First clue:  Kathleen sent an email this morning saying,

are there more people coming than I understood?  rachael, greta?  annie?  did you go crazy with your address book?
I’ll shut up.  And 7:30 sounds great to me.  :) 

It still doesn’t register.  Kathleen is a nut, so why should her emails not be nuts?  I had no idea what she was talking about.

Then I hear from Connie – California Connie, fellow Quitter Knitter.  This was my second clue ….

I would LOVE to come over Thursday but….ya know I’m all the way over here in California!!! Can I come when I’m in Long Island on vacation this summer?

Third clue:  this from Sharon:

Ann, sweetie…??? I’m free Thursday night, but I have a feeling that I
can’t get there by 7:30. :) (Or get home for work the next morning
either!) Did I get onto the wrong email list?

April119_001It would seem I need to familiarize myself with the inner workings of my computer address book.

So, I’m having a party on Thursday — bring your knitting, bring your sleeping bags!  Connie and Sharon are using the old outta state excuse ….. how about the rest of you?

This is what I’ll be working on  — that’s a Spearfish with a heel!

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