dulcet tones

Fountain Is there anything more soothing than the sound of a fountain?  so calming and peaceful, transporting you to a mountain stream, washing your cares away ….

Yesterday morning, I was standing by my kitchen sink, sipping the day’s first cup of coffee.  It was 7:00 a.m. and  the daughters had just left for school.  I was gathering my wits.

Suddenly the sound of dripping water ……  I was not transported – I was transfixed.

Little Mr. Edgar Allen Poe – he who still squats in the yard rather than lifting his leg like a man.  he who had just been outside to take care of the morning’s ablutions.

There he was, lifting his leg and peeing into the giant water dish I keep on the floor for all of the dogs, including him!

He was in perfect balance and his aim was precise.  He did not miss a drop.

I live in a nut house.

Daisy has handed in her letter of resignation!

9 thoughts on “dulcet tones

  1. One of the guys I work with put a little zen fountain on his desk for a while, but he had to get rid of it because the trickling sound of water, which was supposed to relax him, made him need to pee all the time. So maybe Edgrr felt the urge when he heard you pour the coffee?

  2. I guess Poe just wanted to give all the dogs what they really prefer: toilet bowl water! LOL You could have won $10,000 from Funniest Home Videos with that shot.

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