brown paper packages

Daughter #2 on her way in from retrieving the mail:  Mom, you got another package from one of your crazy Internet friends! 

She sounded annoyed.  Or perhaps she is jealous.  But of what? the packages? the crazy Internet friends?

It’s all true — I do have wonderfully crazy Internet friends and I got a surprise in my mailbox yesterday!  All the way from Boston (a city I have never been to can you believe it? and would love to visit).  I won a contest at Kniterati!  Anne is a law student in Boston and had her contest a few days ago.  Apparently she is also a fantastic shopper!  Behold the spoils of my mailbox:

P4200044 P4200042 P4200045

the fiber:  Artyarns hand painted super merino!  this stuff is gorgeous – seriously beautiful.  And so, so soft!  The two skeins have 100 yds apiece – any suggestions on what to knit?

the practical: the knitter’s handy guide to Yarn Requirements.  I tend to buy the yarn and then search for the pattern.  This means that I have either way too much or not enough yarn for any given project.  It really is a lousy system.  Just yesterday I was poking around the Internet looking for just such a thing to put in my palm pilot.

the whimsical:  a Pinocchio tape measure!  I adore this.  It is so cute and so very, very clever.  This tape measure has put me over the edge and I am ready to declare that I am starting a tape measure collection.  So far there are three – a white sheep, a black sheep and Pinocchio !  (hairy knuckles and dirty fingernails courtesy of my Boar)

Anne I love it all and can’t thank you enough!

3 thoughts on “brown paper packages

  1. I’m glad you like it!! I have one of the Pinocchio tape measures, too, and it never fails to make me smile when I pull it out. I had fun shopping for your prize – I even got to try out a new LYS, so it was fun on both sides! Enjoy!

  2. He’s adorable!! That’s just the way I start most of my collections, too — probably why I have so many collections!

    I’d make a Shapely Shawlette with that yarn. I wore it last weekend and got so many compliments, plus I just love it. I know the shop sold at least 1 or 2 patterns because of it (the employees wear them a lot, too).

  3. Contrary to your comments on my site, I think that the Shapely Shawlette would be a good choice and not attract attention to your supposedly gigantic ass. Why? Because it draws attention to itself rather than the ass in question. Do you have enough of the yarn for that pattern?

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