pre-stitch bitchin’

Have you been following my SnB saga this week?  Here’s a little synopsis to get you up to date. 

  • I invited some local knitters over.
  • In the emailing process, I emailed everyone.
  • I invited people from out of state.
  • Because my email lists are incomplete, I did not invite enough people from far away places. 
  • People pouted.

I was speaking to Kathleen today.  I confessed that I did not bake the promised coffee cake for tonight’s soiree.  She bitched and moaned.  I told her that I bought a cheesecake.  She still bitched and moaned.  I tried to persuade her that the cheesecake I bought is just as good as homemade.  I told her about all the yard work I had to do and that I didn’t have time to bake.  She implied that because I am originally from Pennsylvania my tastebuds are impaired.  She said to get a gardener.

For reasons that will soon be obvious, I am setting this entry to post just as Kathleen should be ringing my doorbell.

Me and the digital camera are going undercover.

deep undercover.

Alert the wire services ….

One thought on “pre-stitch bitchin’

  1. The Lays potato chips are the best chips I ever tasted. Must be because those Pennsylvanian’s make such good chips. Thanks for a fun night. I can wait to see the pics–don’t post them if they are really horrible!!!

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