what happened after the shards were picked up?

You may think that my previous entry was the sum total of our evening.  I tell you that the cake-dome-incident happened within the first five minutes!

The rest of the evening was spent with fingers flying and chins wagging (Kathleen’s cool term) with food and chatter.  Joanne was there.  Depsite not posting regularly anymore, I swear to you she is alive and well.  A bit overworked and stressed – but alive nonetheless!  Here are some shots of her subtle new highlights and lovely knitting:

April21_020  April21_021

Next up are the lovely yet blogless Ricki and Peggy. Ricki has emerge from a knitting funk unscathed and ready to go and Peggy is constantly, mysteriously cranking out the projects (we suspect she may have the means to bend time) …..

April21_019 April21_023

3 thoughts on “what happened after the shards were picked up?

  1. What’s better than knitty company? Not much, I tell you! Looks like you all had a great time. I could hear you laughing all the way over here in the Garden State!

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