going toe to toe with Katyknits or Sometimes the Ugly Stepsister is the Nice One

  • I am 42.
  • I am overweight.
  • I have varicose veins.
  • I have slightly crooked teeth.

I have a few bodily problems, I’ll admit.  The old chassis could use some work, but it gets me where I need to be and is very dependable.April21_026

One thing I thought was problem free were my feet.

Sure they are a tad on the large side.  But they’re not clown feet!  Yes, they get a bit stinky, but only when I go without socks.

So here I was, feeling good about my feet.

That is until Kathleen arrived. 

It was the night of the SnB.  A dark and stormy night. I think I saw shadow cross the moon when Kathleen pulled up in her mini-van.

As an aside, are you aware that Kathleen is young?  Young and Lovely?  that she looks kind of dewy and fresh? And now she has that great new haircut, she looks fashionable too??

You would think she would have stopped with the cake plate fiasco.  I know I would have! (Yes, I have met Kathleen’s mother Sue.  Sue is a lovely woman – I don’t know where she went wrong.)

No, Kathleen did not stop with the glass dome – she was not content until she shattered my foot self confidence too!

I was knitting away on my Spearfish and coming close to the toe decreases for the first sock.  This led to a general discussion of the best spot to start those decreases. 

I said that the best spot was right where your foot turns in.

Kathleen said, "Yeah, make a left at the bunion." and then she cackled. I swear to God.

I said, "whatareya talking about?  I don’t have bunions!!"

She said, "Like hell you don’t".

I said, "everyone has that — it’s a bone – it’s a toe bone!"

Whereupon, she whips out her pale and lovely foot.

She has no toe bones.


I guess I do have bunions. 

But on the bright side, I have a very handy (no pun intended!) marker for the best place to start sock decreases!

13 thoughts on “going toe to toe with Katyknits or Sometimes the Ugly Stepsister is the Nice One

  1. Sure start the bunion discussion the day after I ripped my toenails off! I think I cackled again after I read “Make a left at the bunion.”

    Ann, I adore you. And your feet.

  2. bunions are just another thing we get as we get older. i have them too although i think my feet are wonderful ( even if your brother doesn’t).

  3. Well, you may have bunions, but those are nothing. Truly. My husband has a bunion and it kills him. I, of course, have perfect feet. ;-)

    (I could stand to shed a few pounds though, if that makes you feel better.)

  4. Bunions. I’ve got one, my mother has bad ones (claims it’s from standing at work all day in spike heels working an adding machine back in the 50s). And a good friend had bunion surgery before she turned 30.

    Despite the revelation that you have a bunion, it sounds like everyone had a great time!

  5. well…1st, LOL, Kathleen is a hoot. 2nd, don’t feel bad: I have two bunions…and each different… one is on the side theo ther is on the top. I’m hoping the stay out of trouble.

  6. Like I tell everyone at work, God is great but likes a good laugh….that’s why he made us. We shift, spread, sag, gray, loose hair, & develop hair we never thought we would have. Oh well, we make do and you do very well thank you. Beautiful pedicure by the way and the kitty watches in the background. Sounds puuuurfect to me. (or close to it)

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