Poe vs. The Garden Hose

Whenever I do any outdoor work there is an epic battle. Poe is fearless and relentless. Sometimes Poe takes on the rake.  Other days he slays the pooper scooper. 

But his favorite foe so far is the garden hose – on the thin stream setting.


My Hero

7 thoughts on “Poe vs. The Garden Hose

  1. Congrats! One month down… that is so awesome.

    Um.. I think you *do* have lovely feet, toe bone or no! And I am VERY sorry to have missed the night of spinning and cake-plate flinging.

    We are still on for basking on the beach and splurging in the yarnshops, eh?

  2. AH! He’s so freaking adorable. What a funny personality your Poe has – although that’s a given with the pug, right? Love the pics!

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