Schnitzel with Noodle

Vicki’s hills are alive and I’ve been tagged …..

I would like to start off by saying that Vicki and I seem to be dopplegänger and everything on her list is on mine.  Except I would swap the Milky Way for a Snickers or Reeses Peanut Butter Cup ….

That being said, my next 10 favorite things:

  1. salt on watermelon
  2. coffee – hot, strong and sweet (just like my Boar)
  3. back scratches
  4. foot massages (hello?  Kathleen??)
  5. dogs
  6. when everyone is asleep in their beds and I have the house to myself – note that this is not the same thing as no one being home and having the house to myself.
  7. a good book
  8. a good movie
  9. interesting people
  10. dirty jokes
  11. and because it’s always nice to have one extra …. crisp fall days

3 thoughts on “Schnitzel with Noodle

  1. Never mind about my hills…

    I’d only change watermelon to tomatoes, your Boar to my DH, and dogs to cats. I’ll have to try salt on watermelon, though…

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