Do you watch the show Revelations?  It’s all about the End of Days.  I have had my own personal sign of the Apocalypse ….. I have run out of things to say.

I usually write an entry in the morning.  This morning I came up empty.  I read the news, hoping for something – there was nothing.  Perhaps my Blogroll would provide inspiration — nope.

Now it is 2 in the afternoon and I still have nothing.  I have read it is in bad form to blog about how you have nothing to blog about.  But I’m doing it anyway.

I have indeed been working on Spearfish, but I don’t want to say too much or post a picture.  Anita is my competition and should she see where I’m at in our race, then she will put forth a burst of knitting energy.  I just hope she keeps f-ing up those camis she’s been working on.  It’s my only chance of winning!

I, like Vicki, have also recently spent more money than I planned on a prom dress for Daughter #1.  I experienced some sticker shock, but was mollified by a 20% off sale.  Without the sale the dress was $289 and tax would have brought it to $304.  The sale price, including tax was somewhere in the $240 range.  Still too much money, but she loves it and looks fantastic.  **remind me why I am buying my clothes at Target and Costco??

So that’s it folks — I am off to start the lawn mower.  Hopefully Poe won’t try to tangle with it!

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  1. I’m with ya, lady. I blog everyday, and LOVE it, but sometimes I ain’t got nothin’. Sometimes I can go on and on about nothin’, but that’s another story. A well-timed MEME saves the day today (go read, I’ve got you covered for tomorrow). I’m sure it’s only temporary…

    Not only do I buy my clothes at discount stores, but almost always off the sale/clearance racks, too! I’ll get my reward for these sacrifices someday, won’t I?

  2. It’s beautiful but sad we all sing the same tune. All but for the love of our children. It’s the Ya-Ya sisterhood! I hate to break it to you Ann but don’t forget the hair, nails and the now infamous “weekends” that follow the event.

  3. but you and i know that we will look at our girls that day and our hearts will melt and the dress , the shoes, the hair and nails not to mention all the angst because the day is to hot or to cold or to something else will be worth every penny

  4. not being a mother one might say i can’t weigh in on this but a special event deserves a special dress. your mother probably thought the same thing when she bought your dresses. and if you need to rationalize…she didn’t have a prom last year so divide the cost by two ;-)

  5. Hmmm…it never occured to me that you, my NE sister, could be so devious as to put a knitting gris gris on me.

    The cami issue is solved…for now and I’m working up the 2nd sock heel…

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