Knitting is one big word problem. 

In my house, Boar is the mathematician, I am not.  Whenever there is a math, chemistry or computer question he is the go-to guy.  Anything else, see me.

Having finished the Spearfish, I am back to working on Halcyon.  I thought I was taking extra care with row counting. 

Scene I:

Ann and Boar are sitting in their den watching The Staircase on the Sundance channel. 

  • B: is that the guy?
  • A: yes – that one there with the pipe.
  • B: do you think he did it?
  • A: yea – how many dead women can you find at the bottom of a staircase?
  • B: is his brother a lawyer?
  • A: it seems like he must be.
  • A: Boar?  if I am on row 3 of a four row repeat, row 9 of a twelve row repeat, row 7 of a sixteen row repeat and row 15 of a twenty four row repeat, what row am I on?

See how I answer his questions and he answers mine?  that’s marriage people!

Do you know he actually figured it out? 

Well, almost figured it out – he would have figured it out if I had given him the right information!

People, I have just finished row 58.  Even with all of the calculations it took me 3 hours – three hours to knit 3 rows!! 

I think Anita is right, that gris gris gave me some bad juju.

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  1. I am bad at that chart math too. I hate when the charts are different lengths. Na Craga was so easy. St. Brigid is especially annoying to me cause rows 1 & 2 of the middle chart only get done on the first repeat. How about making them -1 and 0? I should start designing!

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